Zachary Pollock ACD MFA Practicum Spring 2013

Tough Break: Evolving Skateboarding Through Added Unity

Over the last 60 years, skateboards have undergone a constant evolution. From the initial box scooters of the early 50’s, to the aluminum and carbon fiber racing boards of today, the impetus of this evolution has been primarily on materials used for constructing skateboards. Through redefining the geometry and functionality of a prototypical skateboard, Tough Break aims to change the way in which we interact with skateboards. Durable and sustainable materials are combined with storage compartments, technological enhancements, and safety features to elevate the skateboard from an object that carries us to an object in which we can transport our lives. Created using laser cutting, CNC milling, and lamination techniques, Tough Break longboards are impregnated with compartments for personalizing a rider’s experience to a new level.

From personalized cell phone receptacles to cargo containers large enough to store a change of clothes, the integrated storage compartments allow every rider can maximize their personal experience by controlling what they bring on their journey. The integration of running lights, sound systems, and skate accessories made possible by the atypical board geometry Tough Break longboards employ, transforms the skateboard into a commuting object that can rival the bicycle. Tough Break breaks away from conventional skateboard design to define the next step in skateboard evolution both geometrically and functionally.

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