Lindsay Williams VS MFA Thesis 2013

This Is The Kind of Shit My Mother Has Me Doing, But I Would Never Tell Her That

This Is The Kind of Shit My Mother Has Me Doing, But I Would Never Tell Her That is an installation constructed out of everyday domestic objects. These objects make up six forms arranged in the space in a chronological timeline. Moving around the space, memories and images are presented to the audience derived from primary experiences and interactions, ranging from childhood to adulthood. By implementing formal principles of design such as color, texture, space, and line, the installation is constructed as a painting. Each object can function alone, although, I believe that together they enhance the narrative within the installation. I have embedded sound and scent as a further access point into the work. As author I place, silverware, tables, and other domestics objects around the space to situate the audience into both private and public spaces.

My inspiration is rooted within my own mother-daughter relationship. The work conveys humorous anecdotes, situations, and one-liners that act as a foil for shame, pain, and embarrassment. The everyday domestic object references items used within the home, while also referring to the specific relationship between my mother and I. Through a visual language I am depicting my own memories, oral history, and lived experience. The work is also in conversation with feminist artists working during the sixties and early seventies. The installation alludes to the political and social aspects of the everyday life (particularly of the housewife) through strategies of cooking and sewing.

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