Takahiro Yamamoto VS MFA Thesis 2013

In Traveling

The act of traveling is located in a liminal space and time. It is a time-based activity, not an instant image, nor a codified object. It resides in a motion. It resides in the present moment. Performance only lives in the present.

Seeing live performance is a form of traveling. Viewers’ minds experience travel through their perception. Performing is also a form of traveling. It takes advantage of ephemerality, daring to obstruct the fast and mindless flow of life in contemporary society. Even when online presence and video documentation try to defy this demand, live performance still insists on inviting the viewers to engage in the phenomenological experience, highlighting the present over the past or the future. I am interested in the political nature of this insistence in live performance.
In Traveling is a dance performance, which strives to highlight the connection between the experience of live performance and the concept of traveling. By placing the dichotomy of transport and wayfaring as two forms of traveling, this paper explores qualities and experiences of live performance-specifically dance-in relationship to my thesis work In Traveling. At the same time, the exigency of live performance in the broader context of contemporary art will be discussed by emphasizing its particular relationship with time.

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