Erin Dengerink VS MFA Thesis 2013

Teardrop, Raindrop, Heartbeat

Entropic works of art speak about mortality the way that clocks do. The artwork marks time as it transforms. Ephemeral artworks speak about love the way our heart does. We become aware of its movement when we feel it is out of sync.

In my thesis work I discuss how forces, such as gravity and evaporation, can be used to express ideas about love and mortality. I also explore how artwork that references decay can be healing. Artworks that transform through the natural forces of deterioration, reveal the movement in forms that might otherwise seem still. They draw our attention to the pulse and rhythm of the structures around us, and remind us that everything is constantly in the processes of being destroyed and re-formed. This is true of natural and man-made structures, in social and interpersonal relationships, and our own bodies.

Artwork can function as a transitional object; an object that helps us come to terms with the world around us. Art can address the anxiety that is often felt about deterioration and replace that anxiety with wonder.

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