Brandon Rhoads BFA Thesis Fall 2012

I explore animation’s potential for re-examining the human experience based upon the principles of contemporary philosophers Henry Russon and Robert Solomon. Russon and Solomon’s writing on the human experience communicate the modes in which the individual creates meaning within their experiences. Their writing also sets forth an understanding of the laws that govern experience. I examine animation’s potential as a medium to create worlds that can be governed by their own unique set of laws, and discuss the manner in which I play with the medium to re-examine the general lived experience in order to poetically visualize reality, and challenge reality.
I created an animated short with a narrative that attempts to communicate the individual’s potential for shifting perspective. The animation asks the question of how much control an individual has over how they perceive their experience. This is in order to explore the modes in which an individual surmounts the aspects of their experience that are out of personal control.

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