Jennifer Dawn McCord BFA Thesis Fall 2012

I believe that if a holistic approach is taken in the art making process a more complete understanding of the landscape can be formed. By looking further than the aesthetic concerns of artwork I will show how taking an anthropological approach will allow artists to create more complete and compassionate views of the landscape. By analyzing how the alteration of display methods, use or absence of the figure, and the revelation of personal connections to the landscape effects imagery I will uncover the ways in which artwork assigns value to the landscape and the communities within them.

My sculptural work presented unravels the ways in which we observe and relate to our local ecology. By taking into consideration the anthropological influences of artwork, and presenting logical, poetic, and personal elements through objects and text I demonstrate the holistic approach to the landscapes I call home. Blending my study of art, anthropology, and scientific observation I present objects for the viewer to interact with for an individual and community experience. By creating an object that encourages interaction I have created a space for conversations between the viewers that allow for opportunities to develop community bonds that continue within, as well as outside of, the art community.

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Fall 2012