Juleen Johnson VS MFA Thesis 2012

What I have lost, what I have gained, and what I have lost again

Durational video is a way for me to prove my existence. A few examples of artists who have influenced my work are: Andy Warhol, Sharon Lockhart, Sophie Calle, and Kim Sunee. I have grappled with the idea of hanging onto my Korean identity. Every time I feel like I have grasped my Korean identity, it quickly slips away into a daydream. The memories these long videos create structure my existence and capture the impermanence of time as it passes. Through watching the videos I am able to regain what I have lost through memories that are conjured up in my mind; thereby, a narrative unfolds. In my research I have found that no matter how much I record, I will only be left with traces or remnants of memory and time because I am only recording a certain object or place. I cannot record everything. My existence is being in the present, now. I am still transforming. My research demonstrates some of the many ways I deal with the complex subjects such as: adopted identities, personal narrative, self-portraiture and time.

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