Kathryn Bradshaw ACD MFA Practicum Spring 2012

KMB-33: From Objectivity

I have long felt apart from others and not truly rooted in my body or the physical world. By employing a set of rules and restrictions surrounding my material choices and process, I have developed a system to create objects and explore my feeling of insubstantiality. Beginning with a series of objective measurements taken from my body, which provided a foundation that is factual and quantitative, I have created sculptural representations of myself that convey my body╩╝s physicality. Beyond this, these calculated forms can also transmit an emotion or feeling, and serve as an interface to relate to others. These abstract self- representations have allowed me a means of looking at myself from a place of objectivity. That objectivity has permitted me a degree of personal removal, and allowed an insight into a person I was too close to to properly analyze: Myself.

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