Sheri Earnhart ACD MFA Practicum Spring 2012

Permeable Walls

This Capstone is a collection of research on immersive performance, the Fourth wall of theatre and the experiences that led to my choices for combining immersive theatrical performance with projected imagery as my primary form of three dimensional storytelling. Through feedback gathered from a local immersive style performance, I learned that 83 percent of those who filled out questionnaires preferred the direct interaction with the actor. This supported my choice for actor/spectator exchange as a way to more deeply engage my audience in my Practicum Project: Two.

In addition, my research into the Epic Theatre and the growing interest in Punchdrunk theatre’s work in the United Kingdom strengthened my intention to use the projected image to bring the story off the page and into the room with the spectator. For this project, the projections will serve as a second character that the performer must interact with to more fully tell the story.

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