Jodie Cavalier VS MFA Thesis 2012

Everyday Phenomena

This thesis work is titled Everyday Phenomena. It is made up of building materials and discreet gestures that are intended to shift conventional notions of material and dimension.
The materials I use are a combination of found, discarded, repurposed, and commercially available objects and construction materials. The use of these materials is intended to recontextualize objects typically seen in the everyday and to draw attention to everyday experiences both in the gallery and outside of it. I am interested in the familiarity of these materials to provide additional entry points for viewers. The materials position the viewer to reevaluate preconceived notions of art materials as well as the sites for art.

List of Works
What Can You Do? (Untitled), cardboard, 2012.
Right Here (Untitled), pencil, 2012.
Floor Lines (Untitled), video and chalk drawing, 2012.
California Sun (Untitled), video and wire drawing, 2012.
Material Remobilized (Untitled), cardboard, wire, paint, and moving dolly, 2012.

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MFA in Visual Studies Thesis Works