Jacob Tietze ACD MFA Capstone Spring 2012

Enables to be Able: An exploration of digital technology and craft practice

This project examines new ways of mark making to explore the value and meaning of a craft object and that of the creative process itself. Fetish within craft practice and appreciation of objects can generate a scenario in which the thing may radiate a certain charm that can confuse the viewer, causing them to mistake meaning with material seduction. This project set out to explore four notions of craft practice. Using an injection of digital tools into a craft practice has allowed me to explore new ways of mark making. An exploration of non- repetitive patterns derived through those marks and a brief case study that investigated the introduction of a three dimensional printer into four middle and high school special education classrooms. The hand is located within the work. It can be found inside the code that determines a motors’ action and the fine tuning of the linkage between motor and tool.

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