Micah Hearn BFA Thesis Spring 2012

MISSISSIPPI: Out of Sight Out of Mind

This series of paintings was created out of my experience of growing up in the South. William Faulkner says, “to understand the world you must first understand a place like Mississippi.” Faulkner’s quote was taken to heart while I explored my personal history and that of my family’s. While referencing family photos, memory, and the torrid history of Mississippi, I have painted through to an understanding that prior to thesis, I did not have. while it is easy for one to romanticize their home, it is the secrets and cultural expectations that provide one with the opportunity to grow and learn, which for me has been difficult. Yes, I love Mississippi and love means to work to understand and this is exactly what my thesis is about. While I will never fully understand the people and culture that raised me, I will strive to continue a life of working toward this goal, painting all the while.

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Spring 2012