Alexis Rittenhouse BFA Thesis Spring 2012

Through my thesis work, I have been asking myself: What happens when negative information stays within the body? What happens when we try to conceal the parts of us that are distasteful or shameful? The answer to these questions came through the form of a symbolic exorcism, wherein I crafted objects out of materials that could represent a physical part of the emotional body that had been pulled out to be examined, and perhaps understood. These took form as sculptural hanging objects that reference the body, and were abstractly reminiscent of the forms and colors of the interior and exterior of my physical self. To inform this work, I have been researching the psychology of shame, and the morality behind emotions. This work is an exploration of the limits of control one can have over one’s own body, and what that control might look like if it were turned into an object.

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Spring 2012