Blaire Stapp BFA Thesis Spring 2012

I'm Still Not Sure

We live in an age in which memory and its weight on how we live our lives has never been more mediated and contested by technology. It seems that with technology growing at an immeasurably powerful rate, the world is slowly striving towards the defeat of obsolescence.

In my studio work with comics, I have been striving towards commemorating the memory of my sister who died prematurely and suddenly at the age of 21. This in turn has provoked my own research into a deeper understanding of how and why we make endeavors to make our memories tangible. What is gained when individuals/society create memorials? Do we accept, without reservation, that memorials fill an absence, encapsulate a memory? I am trying to answer these questions for myself as I proceed through grief. I have created a chapter of a comic book that revolves around a character that is trying to cope with life while grieving the loss of his sister.

I have learned that the boundary between encompassing everything and saying nothing is very easily crossed. This has ultimately been an experiment and exploration in humility, futility and failure. I have just begun studying the affects of this trauma, but I have tried to focus on contemporary practices as well as cultural history to elucidate the doubts I now have, living my life without my sister.

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Spring 2012