David Eastwood BFA Thesis Spring 2012

Living Up To Some Standard

This body of work I have created for my thesis consists of language and imagery taken from magazines and television as well as language taken from feminist art, specifically Barbara Kruger’s work. As in Kruger’s work, I am enveloping the viewer with the seductions of direct address, my work continues her questioning of power, control, affection and contempt with stereotypical representation of identity in mainstream media except that my work is functioning from the perspective of a white male. While some pieces are solely text based and others use both text and image they are all meant to critique the influential and controlling discourse of television and advertisement. This is done by using a strategy know as stiob. Stiob is a form of parody characterized by a degree of over-identification with the object, person, or idea at which it was directed so that it is often impossible to tell whether it was a form of sincere support, subtle ridicule, or a peculiar mixture of the two. I employ this strategy by combining both the language used in mass-media directed at male viewers and language used in feminist art to generate some of the confusion that I believe to be key in the uses of stiob. It is not my intention to provide a corrective but to point to a history of identity reconstruction through mainstream media. My inquiry is a playful and honest consideration of the confusion experienced in the construction one’s on identity.

99 albums

Spring 2012