Chase Cribbins BFA Thesis Spring 2012


I will be using photography to document the life I left after
graduating high school in North Bend, Oregon and examining the
effects this the town has had on my peers who have chosen to stay
behind. The photographic work, entitled Expecting, focuses on my
friend Hilary, currently residing in my hometown as she prepares
for motherhood. I will be approaching this exploration of Hilary and
North Bend from the position of both an insider and an outsider. I
will combine these roles to produce intimate candid photographs
juxtaposed with distant landscape imagery, with hopes to create a
deep narrative that accurately depicts both my friend and my
hometown. I plan to achieve this through aspects of photography
such as portraiture and documentary to capture expressions that
most accurately reveal Hilary’s identity and story. Additionally, this
project will allow me to confront my own fears of adulthood and the life-changing event of having a child at such a young age.

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Spring 2012