Judith Sturdevant BFA Thesis Spring 2012

Shifting Forms: Painting Expanded

Painting is capable of existing on many levels and in many forms. The medium itself, and its conceptual application’s ability to freely join with other mediums, is remarkable. It smears, stains, colors, brightens and hardens, melding and embedding into the very fibers of its hosts. It is fluid in both form and spirit, capable of transforming physical spaces into inner experiences, and dissolving into almost nothing within its surroundings. It is a powerful force that continues to present itself, and even when pushed to the edge of its physical form, it maintains its familiar psychic shape.

Focusing on transformative moments to trace a lineage that conveys current modes of thinking, perceiving and feeling and that speaks to my own practice, we find that the definition of painting is flexible. It can shift and morph, reflecting the material and ephemeral conditions of its time and maker. This exploration locates painting where it lives in combination with other mediums.

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Spring 2012