Kaija Cornett BFA Thesis Spring 2012

Alpha Femmes: Representing Women in Pop Culture

Today, society is heavily influenced by popular culture and the film industry. For my thesis research, I will explore the representation of women in film and popular culture and address the issues surrounding the ongoing battle of gender inequality. The role models for young girls are consistently becoming more and more sexualized and idealized while following the tradition of objectification in relation to the male gaze.

With this research paper, I will point to the positive role models that are in the public eye while empowering women to embrace their independence, with self-confidence and to take pride in their sexuality and femininity. The media constantly pits women against each other, keeping us in a self-hating and sexually insecure state. Alpha Femmes consists of a variety of women, who have different styles, body types, and attitudes, but they all have one thing in common; “they don’t take shit from no one!”

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Spring 2012