Adriana Vawdrey BFA Thesis Spring 2012

Victory: The pursuit of authentic existence

Inspired by several foundational principles of existentialism, this thesis illustrates the invaluable discovery of personal truth and individual worth resulting from an active search for and commitment to personal integrity. It outlines the imperative stages the individual must experience in order to receive a conscious understanding of how the way we see ourselves and our peers is undeniably affected by our own decision-making. These stages are called: “Complacency,” “Skepticism,” “Separation,” Persecution,” and “Victory.” Choosing to question our own behavior strengthens confidence in our ability to change our own situations, and to be comfortable with the truths we discover regardless of whether or not we receive outside support.

The main goal of this visual essay is to empower the audience, and to communicate to the viewer that as individuals we have more choosing power than we often assume. The story is meant to provoke personal reflection; to inspire contemplation of human behavior and analysis of social trends, and to come to personal conclusions of how these trends affect the way we view ourselves.

This work was designed to succeed as a narrative series. The emotional experiences I’m talking about with this work are dependent upon each other as a process, and represent necessary steps leading up to a final reward. Making the journey to victory forces us to dedicate ourselves this question: What do we think about ourselves separate from the opinions of our peers?

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Spring 2012