Robert Burns BFA Thesis Fall 2010

Mirrors Institute: Department of Transparent Artifacts

The Department of Transparent Artifacts (DTA) is the flagship department of the Mirrors Institute, which sets the foundation for future departments by focusing on interests and concerns that are integral to the Institute. These interests and concerns revolve around grey areas of human experience and perception that are commonly referred to as psychic, extrasensory, or paranormal phenomenon. The objective of The Department of Transparent Artifacts is to create a case for contemporary fringe science research. This is addressed in this paper through a historical survey of major scientific discoveries that were initially met with harsh criticism and disbelief due to the fact that they were in great opposition to societal and cultural worldviews in their respective eras. Furthermore, the DTA investigates connections between the two seemingly polar opposite fields of art and science in order to figure out where the two begin to blur into one and how the combination may be beneficial to the world of fringe science.

20 albums

Fall 2010