Sivonna West BFA Thesis Spring 2011

Muku Mania: A line of character based merchandise

Escape to Krystallos Island

Muku Mania is a line of merchandise that encompasses the idea of
a journey to self-discovery. Muku, the Cyclops Owl, is the fictional
character and icon of Krystallos Island. When someone uses a Muku Mania product they are taken out of their daily life for a moment and imagine themselves in the magical environment of a far away land. The Muku tale is the back-story of my line of products and gives plasticity and room for Muku Mania to grow and respond to trends as time passes. Not to mention making the line into a collectorʼs series. Currently my products consist of: plush toys, resin figures, and screen-printed apparel. Developing the Muku story and products I too have fallen under the Muku spell, it now serves as a continuous reminder, not only as an artist, but as a person, to be my true to my self.

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Spring 2011