Cassandra Stemler BFA Thesis Spring 2011

Money speaks

The “Money Speaks” project revolves around the idea that we should use our time in ways that are meaningful to us. I typographically designed eight motivational mantras, and screenprinted them onto 120 real dollar bills. These bills were then distributed around the Portland area. I created a website,, where recipients of the bills could put their location on a map and leave comments about the project. In addition, 16 large replicas of the bills (the front and back for eight designs) were screenprinted to show in a gallery setting.

I considered each of the eight bills separately and as part of a larger campaign that was being sent out to the community. My intent was to explore how we value our time in relation to money, and spread the message that time is the most valuable and limited resource we have. Artistically, I set out to increase my familiarity with screenprinting and typography, particularly custom or hand drawn type.

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Spring 2011