Trillian Spencer BFA Thesis Spring 2011

Portraiture in a shrinking world

At this apex of technological development and the advent of the Internet, the ways we access and view images have changed. Digital experiences, however, are often being treated as being equal to physical ones. As everything moves faster and faster, we must not lose track of the tangible present.

For my thesis, I have created a series of posters that reflect my local community. These posters are being distributed freely among my peers. I aim to foster positive feelings through the recognition of my friends, while giving my community something tangible to consider.

It is difficult to sum up a relationship between friends concisely, but through visual art and observational drawing I hope to achieve just this. Drawing the conscious and pulling from my subconscious, this series pays homage to the positive feelings I have for the people I choose to spend my life with.

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Spring 2011