Morgaine Hendricks-Casey BFA Thesis Spring 2011

The Body Speaks

The main idea behind this project was to uncover, through imagery, ignored aspects of my shadow that hinder me emotionally and psychologically. Through my art making, I have been able to become acquainted with my dark side.

My question was, by employing the symbolic language of icon and archetype, can exposure of ones interior psychological and emotional landscape be presented as a process of transformation for the individual?

Using the ornamented figure, I have visually represented my struggle to balance my conflicting inner urges and desires with the demands and restrictions imposed on me by the outside world. In doing so, I have also created narratives that explore universal emotions related to the human condition. I want my viewer to see that it is possible with enough attention and work to channel destructive feelings and frustration into something that is useful or meaningful to others.

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Spring 2011