Travis Beardsley BFA Thesis Fall 2011

Status: My Body, Your Body; Always and Forever

Observing the relationship of the human body/form with that of consumer technology, I will be exploring a created future in which technologies used in modern day society have grown to take over the existence of human beings. I plan on creating a subversion of these technological devices tied to the human body through costumes that break this constructed technological bind. I will be referencing the movement known as Kludeology based out of South America, technological performer Stelarc, information theory as presented by Peter Morville, a state of ubiquitous computing as proposed by Adam Greenfield and cyborg references as seen in the The Cyborg Handbook edited by Chris Grey.

The costumes that make up my visual thesis project reference the physicality of the technology that I am discussing and display how this relationship between the human body and the digital world can and will be broken once the costume is activated. The video will be a display of the costumes existing in a context emphasizing their functionality in the projected future, a form of Baudrillard’s Operational Negativity.

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Fall 2011