Sally Jablonsky BFA Thesis Fall 2011

Freak of Nature

This issue of the Try Harder Society Magazine investigates the issue of happiness.

Here at T.H.S. headquarters, we are interested in the following questions:

  • What is happiness? How do I achieve it?
  • How do I become at peace with myself?
  • What is the best way to be in the world?
  • How can I reach my full potential? What does my full potential look like?
  • What truths can I be sure of on this life? What is concrete that I can hold onto?
  • How has social conditioning shaped my self-image and my idea of the world?
  • How do I live life on my own terms?
  • How do I heal myself?
  • How can I be good and brave and true?

These questions are the driving force behind the inquiry that follows. Enjoy! And remember to try harder!

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Fall 2011