Casey Brown BFA Thesis Fall 2010

(Object)ive failure

This thesis is an exploration of the characteristics and values of craftsmanship expressed through traditional craft practiced and art. The impasse that exists between my father and myself regarding notions of craft serves as the foundation for this discussion, concerning perceptions of value and status attributed to craft, and the historical dismantling of material literacy, both culturally and economically. My intention is to delineate the divergent and shared ideas between the craftsman and the artist, represented by my father and myself respectively. Utilizing objects as proxies for opposing philosophies regarding craftsmanship, I will focus on how each object expresses value through the lens of traditional craft practices and fine art.
I address the notions of value through material, time, labor, and process. The subversion of value and the translation of traditional craft practices into art objects in my work attempts to demonstrate the necessity of the hand as much as the mind.

20 albums

Fall 2010