Paul Wagenblast BFA Thesis Spring 2009

Love Poems

Love is the last mystery in the secular world. It is ephemeral and overwhelming, magical and intriguing. It seeks us out as we seek it; catches us of guard just as we think we understand it. Love Poems is an attempt to visualize this spectrum of love; the emotional states we pass through in the search for and in the midst of love. The Romantics attempted to explore these visuals according to the overwhelming and awe-inspiring power of God, but this project takes a much more human and terrestrial approach to the aesthetic and philosophical points of Romanticism. Produced collaboratively with Aidan Koch, we explored the topic of mysterious love through fashion inspired by Romantic texts, compiling them through photographing, and presenting them in both book and runway form. Love Poems acts as our anthology of love, in its many forms and transmutations. It is our hearts exposed for you.

56 albums

Spring 2009