Allison-Rose Woodin BFA Thesis Spring 2009

Relative Distances Between Spaces

Ultimately this project is about scale. I have explored the relative distance between here on earth and outer space by constructing 3- dimensional fabricated tableaux on canvas. The images were intentionally created solely with collected materials from the Goodwill Outlet Store. The objects are represented in countless facets, and through a diffraction of picture planes they develop their own sense of space. Each canvas depicts a certain moment in time, traveling from one place to the next. Starting from a familiar place here on earth, the place that I call home, and from there descending all the way into the depths of space to a place that is unknown. These 12 × 12 in. works on canvas were then photographed from an aerial perspective, printed back onto canvas, and mounted and exhibited on a white wall. The final products, the images, are proof of what once existed. Upon completion of the works, there is a coming together of inanimate objects and paint that pose as realities, which are now suspended in time.

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Spring 2009