Tesar Freeman BFA Thesis Spring 2009

In Order to Form a More Perfect Union

In Order to Form a More Perfect Union is a series of three attempts at influencing a nation with limited resources. It is a collection of almost futile attempts to better the nation that honor the tradition of lost causes and creative dissidence.
These gestures of rehabilitation towards our nations symbolic identity include: an ongoing attempt to infiltrate the White House’s Official Presidential Portrait Collection with oil painted portraits of hopelessly unsuccessful Presidential Candidates; a public rendition of our national mythology of Abraham Lincoln and the utility of his invocation; and a flag maintenance and rehabilitation service that attempts to restore the power of our national standard by recognizing its turbulent legacy. These projects are all done under the identity of a patriotic group known as the Perseverance Union of the United States of America. I have worked to develop this group in order to honor the foundation of our Union and the national vows outlined in the documents upon which it was formed.

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Spring 2009