Chelsea Heffner VS MFA Thesis 2009

Sites of Communication

This thesis is an exploration of art, design, craft and fashion as they intersect to form hybrid works that influence and question the traditions of each individual discipline. Focusing on works and movements that have already broken down traditional hierarchies within the arts, I argue for a continued dismantling of the distinctions and categorizations that can undermine artistic processes. To reflect these politics I will draw from accessible source material such as popular blogs and newspapers as well as more specialized art publications, theoretical texts and interviews. In the process I will explore the projects and philosophies of organizations like Droog Design and artists like Andrea Zittel. Concepts around semiotics and communication through fashion will be explored utilizing texts by Roland Barthes, while issues around the relationship of craft to other disciplines will be investigated using Glenn Adamson’s recent book, Thinking Through Craft.
Employing fine art, design, craft and fashion, my work seeks to redefine relationships between traditional forms and processes while addressing the challenges of the creative process. This body of work attempts to express the dualities and limitations present in striving for an authentic mode and form in making.

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Spring 2009

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