Ruth Lantz VS MFA Thesis Spring 2010

In between one and other

My thesis is a collection of fictional letters exploring painting and its relationship with phenomenology. In its over-arching totality, the reader will come to understand my work and interests through ideas that circulate within the document. But as individual letters, readers will engage in the intimate and informal dialogue I carry with each recipient. As a whole, the letters focus on the ambiguity in perception and how our subjective experiences help to shape our understanding of looking. The scope of my research includes philosophy, critical theory, artist’s writings, and personal events. I draw from my interest in observational science and use this as groundwork for my investigation of phenomena and exploration. My goal is to draw connections between my line of inquiry, my curiosity of science, and my way of making. My aim is to unravel my interests in the visual and their role in perception by posing questions to both the reader and myself.

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