Tricia Martin VS MFA Thesis 2009

Eating Design

Eating design is rooted in the tradition of graphic design and communication; a message, story, or idea can all be conveyed through food. Food is a common and accessible starting point because everyone eats. In my approach to Eating Design I am questioning how, what, and why we eat. I believe food is a starting point for examining our basic yet fundamental differences as human beings, not only with how we as people communicate, but how this communication reflects what is happening in and around the world at large. I distinguish Eating design from the aesthetic focus of food design and the culinary arts because of the fundamental ideas that I explore in each project: taste, place, personal history, memory, and community. The tastes and textures in your mouth, the act of chewing or feeding, the sights, sounds, smells and colors of the foods we eat are all integral to what I consider and play upon in my designs. The sensory experiences that we encounter while eating are a crucial part of how I weave a story or a message into what it is we are eating and how we are eating it. This thesis is an introduction to my work in eating design. By connecting people with themselves and with others, I am pioneering a new way to think about design and its accessibility. My projects including The Favorite Meals, Uprooted, Pietopia, and blogging are the foundation in which my work has evolved from.

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