Michael Reinsch VS MFA Thesis 2009

A Gestalt of Absurdity

I create sculptures from everyday materials that focus on items used in celebrations. These sculptures often take the form of props or costumes that are to be used in performances. While I am making these objects I am also composing poems written from blogs I find on social networking sites on the Internet. These poems deal with a range of themes such as work, infidelity, and Goals, hopes, and plans. Performance is used as an unrehearsed mechanism that functions to collapse all of these elements in on each other. Sculptures, poems, and performance fold into one unexpected moment and it is in these performances that I hope to transcend failure. While at the exact same time I hope to transcend success.

Ideas are not created in a vacuum and I have been influenced by the work and thinking of many individuals. Artists such as Tara Donovan, Hugo Ball, and the writers Roland Barthes, Jaques Rancier have been important to this investigation.

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