Charmaine Taylor BFA Thesis Spring 2009

Make S.O.U.P.

Imagine this, every human is healthy and content living sustainable lives. No human is killed ingesting unsafe food products. No human is killed working at food processing plants. Sounds pretty good, right? I will illustrate how easy eating a sustainable diet is, and how it can prevent some of the above-mentioned issues. To do this I will be feeding people ever-nutritious rice and beans. These “Feedings” will demonstrate the importance of taking care of the planet and the human race. I believe it is every human’s responsibility to take care of him or her self as well as to nurture and care for others. Doing so ensures that future generations will have the chance to live in a healthy manner. Modeling this positive behavior can be one of the most honorable things you do in life.

My process is going to be lead by research. I am going to interview doctors, nutritionists and other professionals about the negative impacts of the Standard American Diet. I am also considering surveys as a process for my thesis. These surveys will field caloric intake, brands supported and philosophies on food. They will serve as a thermometer for the local population of Western society. Surveys will likely be for statistic not to be made into objects.

The “Feedings” will be vegan and allergy-free in order to make them all- inclusive. I will not confine the “Feedings” to gallery institutions. However, if in a gallery, there will be a cooking station. When held for the general public, there will be a food cart.

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Spring 2009