Nicole Dill BFA Thesis Spring 2009

Socialite, Spectacle, and Society: Post-Modern Celebrity

An exploration of a female spectacle lifestyle. I have transformed myself into J. Nicole Dill, a socialite that is following the formula of the contemporary celebrity. I am the one-woman celebrity, tabloid editor, manager, artist, and curator. I wanted to focus on unglamorous stereotypes of the contemporary female celebrity that is portrayed in the tabloids. By owning my own identity as a spectacle portrayed by the media, I realize the attention I am getting through my public persona. My persona is riffing off of five important celebrities – Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Edit Sedgwick. Their presence in the media articulates the function of the contemporary celebrity in our society today.

Tabloid spreads and paparazzi imagery within the installation function as glamorizing J. Nicole Dill’s persona. The Shrine, Femme Fatale, the Wall of Fame, and Celebrity Penetration should be seen as a way to display the misery we are searching to capture in celebrities. There is a rhythm and temporal hierarchy of imagery that is translated throughout my installation. There is a progression present in the installation that builds up to the moment of J. Nicole Dill’s meltdown. The moment of misery is what society and the paparazzi have been waiting for.

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Spring 2009