Kaye Blankenship MFA Visual Studies Low Residency Thesis 2023

Welcome, Dear Traveler. Welcome to the river.

The waters are all things.
And no things.
They are empty.
And stuffed to the brim.
It depends on if you look dead on, or out of the corner of your eye.
What’s there is there, and it also isn’t.

There are things resembling fish, and bodies resembling people.
Things you recognize but also don’t.

Can you remember and forget at the same time?

Is this a place to pass through, Dear Traveler?
Or somewhere to linger?
Do the words speak to you, or are they for someone else?
Are you sure?
What will you allow to catch your eye, or ear, or heart?

It is a place of many questions.
May the pieces swimming here help you understand yourself.

May you see yourself in the river.

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