Amelia Sutherland MFA Print Media Thesis 2022

Reduced Down to a Number, or 3

Reduced Down to a Number, or 3 is an installation including an overwhelming jean pile, two jean etching and a video of myself trying on numerous pairs of jeans. The installation means to replicate the experience of jean shopping. Jeans are an integral part of most peoples’ wardrobes, but shopping for them is a nightmare. My experiences with dressing rooms are usually negative. When I am having issues finding jeans that fit, instead of blaming the system and its arbitrary sizing standard, I blame my body. In my video I am recreating this experience that I have had so many times before. While it’s devastating not being able to find jeans that fit, there are also reasons for it. What I want the viewers of my work to understand is that this issue is more complex than simply loving your body, or only buying tailor fitted garments. I hope the viewers find some sort of comfort knowing that most clothes aren’t made for any of us, an that they are not alone in the struggle of finding the perfect pair of jeans that fit your thighs, butt, and waist just right in this system that doesn’t even work for those who it was designed for. 

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