Christina Martin MFA Print Media Thesis 2022

Glitch Bliss

Glitch Bliss is the material manifestation of my identity and the way in which I consider myself a glitch in this society. The work is in consideration of the concept of the corporal glitch and how that term applies to me as a Mexican-American, queer, kinky, feminine, artist. This theory explores the way in which society perceives and treats “other” bodies and intersectional bodies as errors or glitches within this binary matrix. Within the work, I resonate with the term glitch and take pleasure in adopting and adapting it to reveal and camouflage my perceived body at will.

Through a series of indecipherable and indivisible layers of print and matter, visual glitches are produced. The work unveils images of my identity that are both transparent and opaque, that obscure and surrender new relationships as the viewer steps around and within the work. 
Ultimately, the process and finished work are as much of a discovery of my identity as it is a celebration of it. Finding beauty in what people may find transgressive or alternative. Taking the time and evoking a space for self-exploration and self-love towards myself and others. Finding bliss in the glitch.

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