Elena Ferry MFA Applied Craft + Design Thesis 2022

Belonging and Belongings

This thesis explores our conception of home and memory. I explore home and memory by utilizing interviews with peers to create one of a kind illustrated memory boxes. This thesis paper explores the making process of these memory boxes as well as the artistic influences, historical context, and precedent for the creation of this project. This thesis paper documents the creation of three memory boxes. There are a number of artists who have inspired my work. The thesis paper discusses them in detail.

The first memory box follows the traditional book box design and is the largest of
the three pieces. The second is a rectangular box with a singular hinged lid. This piece is
medium in size. The last is a small jewelry box in the shape of a pyramid. All three have
intricate hand painted designs on the outside of them.

I created each box by conducting an interview with a participant who had agreed
to let me create a box for them. The thesis paper documents what questions were asked of
each participant in order to create the designs that I created for them. It also describes the
process I used to create the boxes as well as the application of these designs outside of a
graduate school setting.

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