Douglas Wiltshire MFA LRVS Thesis 2021

Fatal Attraction

   The title “Fatal Attraction” comes from our desire to form relationships with our vehicles and therefore the vehicle becomes an extension of ourselves. My thesis explores the relationships between the spirit and materiality, and how marketing works in subversive and subliminal ways. I also examine the psychology of this relationship as well as our need to attach animistic ideals. I also look at the ongoing cost of extrapolation through an environmental lens.
     In my practice as an artist, for the purpose of my thesis, I have been using materials that have been gleaned from vehicles that have been involved in traffic fatalities in order to demonstrate this relationship between humans and our vehicles. The human need to imbue meaning on inanimate objects has been happening as far back as we can find human civilization. This is also supported by our sense of forming these relationships that can be construed as love, and values that reflect on our own personality and validates us as individuals.

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