Lina Woodcock MFA Applied Craft + Design Thesis 2021

to discover warm water

to discover warm water gives physical form to the interconnection of collaborative and generational making. It is a group exhibit of three generations of artists and craftspeople, whose work shown together expresses the ongoing exploration and possibilities that urge us to investigate shared space, structure, and self. As the third generation, I am using curation, history, materiality, and processes to investigate the nuances of this collaboration, facilitating a conversation between the available connections and creating a necessary intimacy between me, my family, and the audience.

The exhibit interrogates how stories of family, community, and connection cultivate meaning and encourage critical consideration for the capacity of objects to facilitate and carry-on relationships with one another. By curating
these works in a home gallery, I am opening a dialogue in shifting the perception of what is living, passed down, and ingrained. Through this process, the audience bears witness and becomes a part of the collaboration. This
investigation is in support of my interest in embracing the hallowed, present awareness of what is available within and what has always been; as ways of appreciation, intention, and interaction continue to answer and ask what it means to exist allied.

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