Edson Rosas MFA Print Media Thesis 2021

Blobs of Comfort & Care

Blobs of Comfort & Care began as a way to keep myself creative and motivated. As time throughout the pandemic progressed it evolved into a way for me to escape everyday reality, it changed into a form of documentation of my response to these new norms, and in a way, it became a living organic journal for my haiku to exist off of the flat two-dimensional page. The blobs are there for me to fall into, wrap myself around, they are there to remind me down the road of how I felt during the pandemic. While all of this being so specific to myself, it allows others to find their own connections, to relate to the work, to think, “Wow okay, yea I was real sad but you know what, who isn’t these days?” Alternatively: “Wow, I was/am so dramatic!”

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