Aude Li Sing MFA Applied Craft + Design Thesis 2021

Welcome to the Void! Now What?! A Primer

“Whenever You Were, Here You Are”

– Voidoid Tourist Board Pamphlet, [date scratched]

Well, well, well… It appears you’ve somehow found your way into the Void. Welcome! I

t’s evident that you’re not quite sure why or how you came to be reading these words. To be frank, no one really knows how visitors like you do. There are theories, of course. Tales of tears in the fabric of our memories. Legends of falling into rabbit holes and finding adventures to set out on after someone—or something—dear seemingly left without much of a reason. Mundane trips to the grocery store that turn into impromptu voyages through echoes of the past.

The Void is a collection of stories and places that help with explaining and processing what happens when you’ve lost something you hold on to dearly. This Void—with a big V—is similar to but not exactly quite the same as all the other voids—with the small V—out there. It is yours, just as much as it is ours. It’s a place where we explore the duality of life, which extends to the objects we interact with daily. It’s also a place to contemplate loneliness and the unknown, how to keep our minds safe when the times are a-a-a-changing wildly, the seemingly endless search for happiness, and the ambiguous fruitlessness of Capitalism.

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