Paul Musial MFA Applied Craft + Design Thesis 2021

Spot of Tea

This thesis is a guide to my practice over the last two years. Drawing on my history and background working in fashion, nightlife and Japanese art and craft, my thesis explores the area where the three fields converge: experience. It’s something we all do, but do not always think about. How can we activate our understanding of experience? Through examining our relationship with objects, I am exploring different ways to become more aware of the moment we are in. Specifically, by looking for types of objects that are ubiquitous in nature, are we able to use their commonness to an advantage? Do they provide an “easy-in” for contemplation? Even the academic paper as an object has a history and lineage that can be used to amplify the intentions of a paper, its paper-nature. Through this, over time, the goal is to awaken to the present moment. To learn to understand connections. To question always, even when our brain (or hegemony) says otherwise. Consciousness, contrary to what New Age trends would have us believe, is not always comfortable. That is why we so easily succumb to the numbness of technology. Not thinking is easy. My practice is not asking you to always be conscious though, it is asking you to decide for yourself. Examine what feels right, but make the decision knowing you made it.

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