Ryan Zweber Sculpture BFA Thesis Spring 2021

The Program

Here I break code silence on the troubled teen industry by creating art as my testimony of my kidnapping, enslavement, and brainwashing in a cult based boarding school to bring awareness and further the obliteration of the program* through my loudest voice: My Creations. Through making these sculptures I grieve. Through sharing with you I begin to radically accept this is my truth, my reality, my trauma. In this exhibit you see two full sized bodies, chainmail, a gravel pit, two miniature figures, written daily accounts from inside the program, clothing, and photos, and can hear audio.

Content Disclosure: In this exhibit and the story of it, I explore my deepest traumas. I cannot presume how this may simulate your body’s response in relation to your traumas. I can however be sure that what you will feel is valid. We are approaching conversation about every imaginable form of abuse against children under the hands of the Troubled Teen Industry. Please take care of your needs first before considering my needs.

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Spring 2021