Alexandra White BFA Illustration Thesis Fall 2020


This project is the ground works of a graphic novel that takes place in a historical viking fantasy setting. It has become very dear to me over the past few months as it combines elements of: family, mental illness, and courage. I have created character designs for the four main characters, an example of page layout side by side it’s script, a two page spread and the cover for the first book within the series. It is an allegory of my own personal experience, or at least how I felt at the time. Through years of therapy I had learned to “identify” my anxieties, to put a name to them and eventually face them and embrace them. That is exactly what I did with this graphic novel and created three characters based off the three main types of anxiety: neurotic, moral, and realistic anxiety. It is not your everyday, bloody battles and gore type of pop culture viking story either. It is more of a mental battle, a new take on how to overcome anxieties and fear. There doesn’t always need to be swinging swords to overcome what may seem scary at first. The main heroine of the story wants to be independent from everyone in her family but ends up learning that she is stronger with them and it’s okay to ask for help every once in a while. This graphic novel series is targeted toward young adults who may feel alone or are struggling with mental illness. As a way to guide them, give them an escape or just be a good book to pick up and read, Welcome to the world of Vegvisir.

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