Linda Heidvogel MFA Applied Craft + Design Thesis 2020


INTERRUPTION is about the overlooked sites in architecture–the anomalies that exist within a building’s constraints–the moments that register merely as a background as we move through these interior terrains. These spatial deviations can exist as a shift in rhythm, a shift in structural narrative, or merely an unresolved idea, but they are always accessible spaces which physically contextualize transition. These settings, once perceived as mundane, now create opportunities for me to exploit, or temper these inconsistencies within the framework to inspire an engaged conversation with the interior. Through these reclamations, I steal unassuming material moments which were left as afterthoughts and I upend the architectural hierarchy. The once uninteresting corner is now a place worthy of attention. These sites which were promiscuous and indiscriminate, yet simultaneously liminal and unobtrusive, are paradoxically amplified, liberated from their mundanity through material gestures of immaterial resonance.

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