Katie DeTemple MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2020

water sky

Water is complex. It is boundless, vital, and limitless in its human associations. It represents both loss and blessing, as it has the ability to drown, to wear away stone, to rust 27metal; yet it makes up most of our bodies, and is essential to life. Given time, water can make anything disappear. It exists everywhere, simultaneously. Water cycles through the atmosphere, the Earth, and us. Some water incites fear. When I stand before an ocean I both want to jump in and am afraid that I will. I think ‘what would happen if I did?’ Depending on who you ask, it takes anywhere from 60 seconds to 30 minutes to drown. I wonder what it would feel like to be far under the surface, but it is not a question that I will ever answer (such water is better considered from the shore). In my practice, I work with alternative process photography, landscape, and rebellion, and utilize concepts of identity, the ephemeral, repetition, and process. I look inward to convey my experiences with depression, rumination, and dissociation. As well as communicating a sense of displacement and transition; as to me, this is what water represents.

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