Perry Chandler MFA Visual Studies Thesis 2020

Scene 199. When the Moon Gets Tired (Goodnight Catullus)

Scene 199. When the Moon Gets Tired (Goodnight Catullus) deals with imagery within my mental space while exploring my deeply personal relationship to grieving, depression, and the search for clarity. The format of this paper will be an extensive explanation of how I came to explore thoughts that would carve the path my work has taken. Through this process, I will break down a diverse pool of sources from film, comics, poetry, and the history of painting that establishes the basis for both the visual language as well as the conceptual thought process for my work. The contiguity of the historical, the theoretical, and the personal, steeped in poetry, and the strategic concepts of film making become the setting for the massive to become fleeting in a way that it addresses an exploration of the self. Personal trauma guides the conceptual and the drive to create scenes where the abstract and the personal narrative coexist with in the same mental space.  

By Perry Chandler

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